Registration Opens March 12, 2017

Classes Begin April 11th, 2017

Classes End July 3, 2017

Shiloh Pathways is designed to ESTABLISH, EQUIP, and EMPOWER Shiloh members through the study of the Word of God, with the goal of having a thriving church full of members fully functioning in their God given calling and purpose. With in its new program design, students are now able to choose a Learning Track, that focuses on areas of interest such as Worship and Creative Arts, Business and Marketplace or Missions and Ministry. The world is in desperate need of people of God who know who they are and are ready to make a courageous stand for Jesus in their generation.

Class Schedule:

Bible Study Basics/Monday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 10th
Foundations 1/Monday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 10th
Financial Freedom/Monday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 10th
Priesthood of the Believer/Monday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 10th
Biblical Praise and Worship/Tuesday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 11th
Christian Morals and Ethics/Tuesday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 11th
Cleansing Streams/Tuesday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 11th
Holy Spirit/Tuesday/7:00pm-9:00pm/April 11th
Foundations 1/Sunday/9:00am-10:45am/April 16th
Foundations 2/Sunday/9:00am-10:45am/April 16th
Moses’ Tabernacle/Online/April 10th


When do Shiloh Pathways classes start and how long is each class?

1. Winter Quarter starts Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 ***All Pathway classes are 12 weeks long, which equals 1 Quarter.

What day will classes be held on and what is the course schedule?

Our Winter schedule consists of Tuesday Night classes from 7:00pm -9:00pm, Sunday morning class from 9:00am-10:30am and online classes.

How often can I miss class?

Never!..ok..ok. We understand that things come up, so students will only be allowed to miss 3 classes per quarter, before they are dropped from the class.

***Students are required for all make up work and materials missed in the class.

Is there a tuition fee or a cost to attend Shiloh Pathways?

No…well almost! Shiloh Pathways is a free program to all, but students are responsible for the cost of class books and materials. Shiloh will pre-order all class textbooks and create all notes and worksheets and has determined a set price for materials in each class. Those prices for materials per class are as follows:
  • Pathway Core and Elective Classes: $30.00
  • Pathways School of Emphasis: $40.00
  • Cleansing Stream: $50.00 deposit *includes the end of session overnight retreat. Final cost will be given in class*
***All monies for books and material will be due on the first day of class.

Do I need to be a Shiloh member to attend?

No. Although Pathways are specifically designed for Shiloh members, you do not have to be a Shiloh member to participate in classes. Students will be given the opportunity to take the Shiloh Membership class throughout the program. ***Only Shiloh members will be allowed to enter the School of Emphasis classes.

Is Child Care provided?

Yes! Child care will be provided during the time of all classes. On Sundays and Tuesdays please make sure to arrive early so that you are able to check your child(ren) into the nursery and Shiloh Kids programs.

Will I receive a Degree for completing the Pathways program?

No. Shiloh Pathways is designed to be a biblical equipping and discipleship program and is not an accredited Bible College. At the end of each Pathway students will receive a Certificate of Completion, honoring their commitment and dedication to the word of God and the Pathways program.